10 reasons to have a doula

A doula in no way replaces the father/birth partner but rather complements them and can support them too. A doula can suggest ways that a birth partner can best support a birthing woman and can also take some of the pressure off by doing the more ‘practical’ duties (filling a birth pool and keeping it warm, getting drinks and snacks for a labouring woman etc) allowing the birth partner to be more present for the birthing woman…

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What not to say to a new parent

How many times do we hear the mantra: 'Oh well, at least your baby is healthy and safe' following a new mother telling her story of a difficult and often traumatic birth? Maybe you've found yourself saying it - it's a phrase used time and time again in a society that has been taught to fear and medicalise birth so much so that it deems pregnant women as patients in need of rescuing from their 'conditions' and a healthy baby as the only important outcome of birth…

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Claire Davis