Birth Package

My role as your doula is to support you to feel confident, informed, in control (and like a mother-chuffing warrior) when you give birth —wherever and however you choose to do it. I want you and your family to have a positive and empowering experience, whether it goes according to Plan A, B or C. You CAN and DO ‘own’ your birth experience, and I'd be privileged to support you.

My birth package includes:

  • A minimum of two antenatal sessions in your home where we can talk about your hopes and fears for your birth, I can offer information and signposting and we can talk through the practicalities of when you go into labour. We’ll most often do this over food!

  • A chance to debrief previous birth experiences.

  • Support in writing your birth plan.

  • I am on-call 24hrs a day from week 38-42 of your pregnancy (if you give birth outside of this time I will make every effort to be there).

  • Unlimited phone/text/email support throughout your pregnancy and 6 weeks post birth.

  • Continuous emotional and physical support and advocacy during labour and birth, until you are settled with your baby.

  • A postnatal session (this might be used for a birth de-brief, support with feeding your baby etc. and is usually a week or so after baby is born).

  • A library of books about pregnancy, birth, the first 40 days, infant feeding, infant sleep, baby wearing and many more for you to borrow.


Post-natal Package:
'Mothering the mother'

In many—mainly Eastern—cultures around the world, it is common for new mothers to have a 'lying-in' period of around 40 days. Immediately following the birth, women are supported by close family, friends and their local community, in order to be able to heal—physically, emotionally and spiritually—and to bond with their new baby.

Nourishing food, massages, healing rituals and lots of bed rest are commonly part of this 'confinement period'. In these cultures, women have that sacred space following birth held for them and their babies, to be nurtured and to learn about each another, without the stresses of everyday life getting in the way. Unfortunately, in much of Western society, new parenthood and the post-partum period are not as revered as they should be, and families often don't have access to the support that they need, to navigate what can be an exhilarating, daunting and exhausting time all at once.

As your post-natal doula, I can offer you practical and emotional support in what is often referred to as the 'fourth trimester'—the weeks and months following the birth of your baby. This might include the following, but will of course be tailored to your specific needs as a new parent and family:

  • Holding a space for you to talk and be heard - without judgement

  • Routine newborn care, guidance of the parents in bathing, calming techniques, sleeping and feeding patterns etc

  • Breastfeeding, mixed feeding and/or formula feeding support

  • Household tasks including laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping and nourishing meal preparation

  • Taking care of baby whilst mother showers/naps/spends time with older siblings

£15p/hr - minimum 10hrs

Overnight care for baby (in your home)

To support families to maximise their sleep time. I can sleep in the same room as your baby and bring your baby to you when they need breastfeeding, then take them to resettle them after their feed. Alternatively I can look after baby for the full night and feed them their bottles.

(8pm–7:00am). I’m happy to discuss variations in start and finish times

Postnatal Recovery Massage

A practice inspired by a traditional Ecuadorian postnatal massage called closing the bones, the Postnatal Recovery Massage is done on a massage table and involves using a rebozo shawl to rock and bind the mother’s body, together with an extensive massage of the abdomen, hips, waist, ribs, chest, shoulders and arms with a special warming oil.

It is designed to help realign and balance a new mother, as well as help her return to her centre, both physically and energetically.

£50 (please allow 2hrs)

Flexible payment plans are an option and Doula UK also has a voucher scheme so friends and family can buy you doula support.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I could support you and your family in more detail.